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a.k.a. Matter Management; Document Management; Case Status

The Challenge: 

Every litigator has developed their own case management strategies and habits. Even litigators within the same law firm have difficulty communicating about their individual matters because they lack a common frame of reference or lexicon of ideas. Current case management technology, which lacks structure, simply mirrors the mess on every desk within the cloud.

And, with the new reality of lawyers often needing to work remotely, the need for a common set of tools is more necessary than ever.

Our Solution

Element Standard's Litigation Cartography™ provides a comprehensive case management framework that transforms both the mess on the desk and in the cloud into a reliable, repeatable, trackable, and predictable process:

  • document management structure

  • case communication protocols

  • on-demand case status updates

  • track of strategic options available / remaining / already used

  • eDiscovery management


Furthermore, our innovative match of practice to process makes understanding how it works second nature to seasoned litigators and instructive to new associates.

Try our first document management product that comes pre-loaded with Litigation Cartography™:

"Where was this when I started practicing?"