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a.k.a. Legal Billing; Legal Services Valuation; Data Analytics

The Challenge: 

Clients have few means of correctly valuing the legal services for which they pay, and litigators have difficulty measuring the value of their own work product.

  • Current billing codes were an attempt to shine a light on the proverbial "black box" that are most litigation bills, but the black box remains because of the "bad data" problem that exists within legal invoices.

  • Current ebilling solutions have tried to make sense of the bad data without addressing what makes legal billing data, and continued analysis of it, worthless in the first place.

  • Insurers, corporate legal operations facilities, and in-house litigation counsel use RFPs, reverse-auctions, and other clumsy fee-reduction methods to create the illusion of value.

  • The little discussed secret: law firms of all sizes do not know how much it costs to deliver their work product, leaving them unequipped to handle their clients' demand that they provide a better match of their price to their product.

Our Solution

The Element Standard Litigation Cartography™ naturally creates litigation billing codes that form the basis of a legal services delivery measurement and analytics solution. It is superior to current codes and solutions in many ways:

  • more accurate and transparent for clients

  • more intuitive and less-burdensome for litigators

  • eliminates the "bad data" problem

  • creates the benchmarks needed to leverage AI productively

  • creates a full-audit trail of work product, allowing true comparability between legal service providers and predictability of future costs.

"This design alone would save me millions of dollars in litigation billings."