3 Hour Course

The Complaint and Claims & Defenses Chart

A practical field guide to understand the mechanics of Complaints, based on sample case filings that we annotate and explain, capped with an example of the utility of using a claims and defenses chart.

2 Hour Course

The Complaint

A practical explanation of what makes up the complaint, its typical structure, the importance of local rules, and custom annotations to help attendees translate what they learn to their own matters.

1 Hour Course

MDL Cartography

An overview of federal Multi-District Litigation ("MDL") proceedings - which account for more than half of all federal civil case filings - using our map-based approach, breaking MDLs into clear stages. Based on a soon to be published law review article authored by our team, titled "MDL Cartography."

1 Hour Course

Motion to Dismiss

One of the most common and most important pleadings, we focus on the standards required by courts to prevail and how the pleadings leading up to the Motion to Dismiss impact how it is drafted and used within the overall litigation strategy.

1 Hour Course

Claims & Defenses Chart

Utilizing the proven method of breaking claims and defenses down into their elements, we show how to construct a claims and defenses chart and explain how it can inform decisions about strategy and work product throughout the litigation.

We provide bespoke online and onsite practical litigation training to lawyers, summer associates, and other legal professionals engaged in litigation.


Utilizing Litigation Cartography, we map litigation into stages, parts, and elements and apply proven design strategies of jury consultants and UI/UX designers to simplify, illustrate, and bring litigation alive. We combine this with practical materials.


As a result, we bridge the gap from theory to how litigation works in practice. We focus on the process of litigation, how it is structured, and the strategy that results when litigation is viewed from a design thinking approach.


  • Each of our training sessions is led by an experienced litigator and includes presentation materials that can be deployed in any web-based meeting software.

  • Our team has litigated major class actions and complex cases from coast to coast.

  • Our team brings the combined perspectives of former federal law clerks, plaintiffs’ counsel, defense counsel, and in-house counsel. And because our team includes partners, associates, and former summer associates, we can craft our training to fit any audience.

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