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Over half of all filings in federal court are multi-district litigations. To date, however, the MDL process has been described only by text. Simply put, nobody has mapped this increasingly important process. Importing cartography into the study of MDLs, this course maps out the five procedural stages of a federal MDL. Through our MDL cartography, we aim to make the process of working on MDLs easier, faster, and more reliable— with less confusion, less anxiety, and less risk of error. This course begins with a general overview and a quick recap of trends of federal MDLs for those new to MDLs. You will then learn the actual cartography and see a visual map of the five procedural stages of a federal MDL. Next, we discuss the five goals we seek to meet by applying cartography to MDLs. Finally, we conclude on a note of optimism about the prospects for applying the intellectual tools of cartography and systems thinking to make the MDL process more transparent, understandable, and predictable for you, your teams, and your co-counsel.

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Jaron Luttich
Jaron Luttich



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