A Standard Structure for Litigation

Element Standard's Litigation Cartography™ breaks down litigation into stages, parts, and elements and then maps litigation on a categorical timeline using these same standard units. This breakthrough methodology makes litigation teachable and trackable at every stage, part, or element—and it can finally be measured, billed, and analyzed with this standard precision, too


Until now, litigation has lacked even the most basic standard structure. This hampers innovation and severely limits the promise of technology across three fundamental aspects of the industry.

Element Standard's Litigation Cartography™ is the core solution that simultaneously resolves industry challenges within these three critical areas, enabling stakeholders across the litigation life-cycle to capitalize on the opportunities unleashed by technology and innovation. Its proprietary intellectual property is a pressure-tested and comprehensive match of the actual and practical realities of the practice of litigation to the framework and data requirements of technology, and is the match of practice to process that litigators crave and technologists have been seeking.